sábado, 5 de maio de 2007

melt banana - live @ rome [video] (2003)


01. shield for your eyes, a beast in the well on your hand
02. fdc for short
03. rragg
04. free the bee
05. circle-jack (chase the magic words, lego lego)
06. first contact to planet q
07. warp, back spin
08. a dreamer who is too weak to face up to
09. chain-shot to have some fun
10. his name is mickey
11. we love choco-pa
12. so unfilial rule
13. some kind of id
14. first defy
15. zoo, no vacancy
16. scrubber
17. flip and hit
18. like a white bat in a box, dead matters go on
19. lost parts stinging me so cold
20. a hunter in the rain to cut your neck up in the present shape
21. spathic!!
22. love song (the damned)
23. if it is the deep sea, i can see you there
24. scratch or stitch
25. too rough to scoop (find a grain of greed)

DOWNLOAD (95,8 MB) [pt. 1]

DOWNLOAD (95,8 MB) [pt. 2]

DOWNLOAD (95,8 MB) [pt. 3]

DOWNLOAD (95,8 MB) [pt. 4]

DOWNLOAD (95,8 MB) [pt. 5]

DOWNLOAD (95,8 MB) [pt. 6]

DOWNLOAD (47.02 MB) [pt. 7]

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