quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2007

alec empire - miss black america (1999)

01. dfo2.mp3
02. black sabbath.mp3
03. the nazi comets.mp3
04. it should be you not me!.mp3
05. they landed inside my head while we were driving in the taxi up to 53rd street and took over!.mp3
06. the robot put a voodoospell on me.mp3
07. i can hear the winds of saturn.mp3
08. we take your pain away.mp3
09. untitled.mp3
10. blood and snow.mp3


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Anônimo disse...

We have been looking for this one for a couple of years. We have ordered it from stores, been calling around for some one who's got a copy. NO result!
And now I just stumbled across it.
Great blog, the zu posts are diamonds!
Thank you for sharing all this great music.
/Dr. Tapeeater &mrs. sound monkee